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Monday, September 15, 2008


Saturday our quilt guild worked on the new 2009 raffle quilt. It is a log cabin block made of many different florals in darks and lights. It is amazing how different it looks close up, and far away. It looks totally different thru a camera lens than to the natural eye...We even found a block turned the wrong direction, by looking thru the camera! The following devotion came from a good friend of mine who lives in California. It is fitting to my blog today!

"There may be reason to fear, there may be reason to worry, there may be reason to give up...BUT LOOK!
There is reason to trust, there is reason to hope, there is reason to persevere...that's greater!"
Loren Thornburg

A small shift of focus can bring things into such greater clarity. A small shift in the angle of the computer screen can bring the picture from just light and dark or black and white to full color. Or, a small shift of the camera lens can bring the picture from blurry to clear. It takes only a small shift to completely change the picture we are seeing in front of us. The same is true for us today. The fears we see, the worries we focus on, the feelings that overwhelm us to give up can change to courage to trust, to reason to hope, to strength to persevere. If only we will shift our focus. Yet often we settle for black and white or blurry not knowing we can BUT LOOK or just not choosing to BUT LOOK. We can BUT LOOK to the hope...there is reason to. It only takes that small shift of focus.

GOD's View
"See, God has come to save me. I will trust in him and not be afraid."
Isaiah 12:2 NLT

The Assyrian army was quite the agent of destruction for anyone and everyone they came across; capturing lands, destroying kings, and stealing riches. So when the people saw them coming great fear, worry, and despair overcame them. And by the looks of things you can imagine why they would be overwhelmed with such feelings. Except that, the Lord had promised them that it would not last and that He would be the God that He is, Mighty to save. So they were faced with a decision to choose where they were going to put their focus; on the Assyrian army to be feared or the promise of the Lord to save. "Look, the mighty armies of Assyria are coming!...But Look! The Lord, the Lord Almighty, will chop down the mighty tree! He will destroy all that vast army of Assyria..." (Isaiah 10:28-33 NLT) We all have our own Assyrian armies in our lives. It may not be a physical army, but at times it feels like it. The Lord didn't promise we would never have a reason to fear, but He promised a promise that promises to be Mighty to Save. If only we will BUT LOOK to the Lord. It just takes that small shift of focus off of you onto Him that will bring reason to trust, reason to hope, reason to persevere. That will bring things into color, into clarity. Where are you going to Look?

Be Encouraged,
Loren Thornburg

"Quilt Tip of the Day"

When shopping for fabrics there are several easy ways to distinguish light from dark. Color value can be difficult for our natural eye.. Here are some techniques you can use. This tip can be useful to any artist that works with color!

  • As mentioned above, a camera lens helps to give you the "distance" you need to see the color value.
  • Quilt shops sell little red "viewers" ,but you can easily make your own! The red cellophane that comes wrapped on Valentine Candy is just the thing. Save a piece, put it in your wallet and you will be ready when you need it.
  • The hardware stores sell little "peephole"s that are meant to be installed on a door, so that you can see who is out there. These work wonderfully, much like the camera lens!
Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

Perfect timing on that devotional for me. It's so easy to see the things that look overwhelming and have gone on too long already...BUT LOOK at Him. Thanks!!!

Kathy said...

Im glad this spoke to did me too! Im having a great day! Isnt it beautiful out??? even hard at work at my quilt machine, I am enjoying it!

Kathy Mom said...

Glad to hear you are getting so much done today.

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