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Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome Home Tekoe !

No, I did NOT get another cat. This is little Tekoe, and as I write this, this morning, she is in the belly of a jet airplane, traveling from Spokane Washington, to Pensacola Florida. Her "mama" was my best friend's aunt , who passed away recently. The family has been trying to no avail to find a new home for her. If I hadn't already been at my "limit" I would have taken her in a heartbeat. But I knew I couldn't go beyond the 3 I have. My best friend, however needed a new friend and finally decided she should bring Tekoe to her home in florida. So, after spending weeks at a kennel, being declawed, and now flying in cargo more than 3000 miles, this little furry beauty will have a new mama, and a new home. Will you pray with me that she arrives later today saftly, finds peace and comfort in her new home and that she will know she is loved and taken care of? Kathy, you are this little creature's hero and mine too!


Stephanie said...

Yay! Tekoe is going to LOVE her new mama! She's going to spoil that cat to death. May as well rename her "Princess"!

Those two will become such great friends. They both needed each other, and this is all going to turn out wonderfully!

Kathy said...

Tekoe is so darling. I am so lucky to have a such a wonderful cousin who went to the trouble and expense of getting Tekoe to me. Thank you Cean-we love you!
Thank you Kathy for all the kitty advice-it has helped immensely.
Steph-you are correct in saying that Tekoe and I need each other, and that she will be spoiled to death.

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