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Friday, August 29, 2008


Why do we let time go by without seeing friends or family? Why are we so busy that the days, weeks, months then years pass by before we realize someone important in our life has been left behind? It has occurred to me that I have ONE friend from my youth that I still have relationship with. ONE! I am so blessed to have my friend, Kathy. Its been 43 years since we started hanging out together. We finish our phone calls with the same " I love you " that we have said at the end of every phone call since we were 15. Few things stay the same...this friendship is one of them.

In the past couple weeks several people from my past have surfaced and it seems so odd to me that all of a sudden they have come back either physically or to my mind. I received a card from an old friend last week, MB. We haven't seen each other for 18years. We will meet for breakfast in the much time has passed, so much to talk about. I received an email from another old friend LA, who I used to meet almost monthly for coffee and chatting. I think its been five years now since Ive seen her. Hopefully we will reconnect soon. Why has it been so long? I was in our computer room (fancy name for one of the unfinished rooms in our basement)just the other day and there was an old picture on the floor. Where on earth did it come from (those darn cats!)? It was a wedding picture of LT. She and I were great friends while we worked at a savings and loan. I was maid of honor at her wedding. You can picture it, early 70's big hair and dotted Swiss gowns. I had a very large bow in my "cascade" (those of you old enough know what I'm talking about)and we were carrying daisies. It was the same summer I was in five other weddings (no joke!). I hadn't thought of Linda in years....where was she and what was she doing? I couldn't help myself, I ran a computer search on her name...and there she was! She has moved to Bend Or. She and L are still married and there before me was their email address. I haven't had the nerve to sit and email her yet, but I will. When? Why am I waiting? Will she be open to this reconnection? My baby sister, who turned 50 last year and who remarried nearly 3 years ago, has been lost on my radar for nearly a year. I did talk to her after my dad passed away in February, but only for a minute or two and not since. Until the other day she appeared on my Yahoo Messenger...we ended up talking for a long time...two days in a row. "When are you coming for a visit???" I don't know...why not? Why do I even hesitate? We finally met with a lovely and godly couple that we care very much about in a town only 20 miles away after months of busy-ness. We had a lovely supper and a wonderful time together. Why did we wait so long?

Why do we let relationships slip away? Why don't we nurture them and feed them so that they don't die? Is it because we get so wrapped up in ourselves and in our own husbands, children, pets and other interests, that we cant see them drifting so slowly into the shadows? So slowly that we don't even notice until enough time has passed that we don't bother to reconnect. Now, here I am "pushing" 60. The kids are grown up and for the most part gone..the grand kids don't take up as much time as the children did, and so I think and remember all those moments in time, moments in the past that made me laugh, or cry, or hurt. And I remember those I laughed, cried and hurt with. I miss them.

I am going to try to reconnect with these that have surfaced. God must have known that I needed to hear from them, see their name on the internet or literally stumble on one of their funny old pictures. Isnt God awesome??

Having ONE BFF is so wonderful, but having lots of friends is fun! Don't let yours slip away...and if you have, I challenge you to reconnect!

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Kathy Mom said...

Kathy-You have such a wonderful way of writing what I think most people feel. Yes-reconnecting with past friends is a wonderful thing. I feel that you and are very lucky in the fact that we have been close for all these years. You were, are, and always will be my best friend-closer than family even. I feel very blessed. Life is fragile. I want to add-do not wait too long to reconnect. With Love, Kath

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