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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Connected with Mary!

What a happy day! I met with my dear friend, Mary, that I hadnt seen for 18 years. Yes, we shared stories and news from our years apart. It felt like we had never been apart. We have both changed, not so much in looks, but in attitudes and ideas. Maturity does that to a person. I am so happy she found me. I cant wait until we get together again. Thanks for the wonderful morning, Mary. PS I forgot my camera so no pic of us, but I will add a pic of a painted quilt block I saw at a country shop. These are small "barn quilts" or house quilts that are going up all over Iowa. This is one of my future community projects that I want to help put together. Keep watching for details.

Whenever I start a new project, I purchase an small clear plastic shoebox or bin with a lid. I put everything I need for that project in the bin. The pattern, any notes, templates, fabric...anything related to that project. If you are like me, I have more than several projects going at one time, so if I leave this one for awhile, everything I need is there when I go back to it! This idea takes so much frustration out of returning to a unfinished Project. This tip works for any project, not just your quilting ones!

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Luann said...

Hi there!!! I know how much I appreciate reconnecting with you, old friend. You both have been a great blessing to us. Great to see you today--hopefully soon again.

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